Equations for calculating capacitor and inductor values for the Class-E transmitter

Equations for class-E amplifier components:  L=(0.2085*V^2)/(P*F)  C=1/((2Pi*1.2915*F)^2)*L  Z=(1.2638*V^2)/P
  L = tank inductance (Henries) Z = load resistance (Ohms)
  C = tank capacitance (Farads) P = output (or input) power (Watts)
  V = supply voltage F = operating frequency (Hertz)

  Vmax = peak voltage on MOSFET = 3.6311 * V
  Irms = rms MOSFET current = 1.1638 P / V

These equations are from Mark Mallory's Simple Beacon article.

Use this Class-E Transmitter Calculator if you're feeling lazy.

Class-E AM Transmitter for 1710 kHz