Are you running Analog 6.0 but want or need an expanded Operating System Report?

Expanding that Report could hardly be simpler!

Upgrade Analog 6.0 Logfile Analyzer to C:Amie Edition

Instructions for a Windows installation
(I assume it would be similar for Linux and OS-X platforms)

  • Download Analog C:Amie Edition (get the Windows version)
  • Unzip the file to a folder on the desktop (or elsewhere)
  • Rename the unzipped executable (analog-[version].exe) analog.exe
  • Paste the renamed file into the working analog folder, overwriting the existing executable
  • Paste the files (there are 3) in the unzipped images folder into the working analog\images folder, overwriting existing files (I'm not sure this step is actually necessary, but it's painless)

That's it! No further action is necessary.
Analog will run as before, but with the expanded Operating System Report.

- Max

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