Adjunct to: 200-watt Push-Pull Class-E AM Transmitter for 1710 kHz

Class-E Calculator - A class-E transmitter values calculator; calculates inductor and
capacitor values and load resistance.

Powdered Iron Torroid Core Turns Calculator - Calculates the number of turns needed on
a powdered iron torroid core to produce a specified inductance.

Transformer Turns Ratio Calculator - Calculates the turns ratio needed to transform
a given primary impedance to a given secondary impedance.

Series Resonant Filter Values Calculator - Calculates inductance (L) and capacitance (C)
values for a specified operating frequency, load resistance and Q.

Coil Calculator - A single-layer air-core coil calculator; calculates inductance from coil
length, diameter and number of turns.

Power Calculator - Calculates power from peak-to-peak sinewave voltage and load resistance.

VSWR Calculator - Calculates VSWR from forward and reflected power.



200-watt class-e AM transmitter