Generate a sinewave image to your specs - w/optional baseline and AM.

Sinewave Image Generator

Enter number of cycles (≠ 0)(neg rotates 180°):
Enter peak amplitude in pixels (0 ⇒ ±280):
Select sinewave color: Black Red Green Blue
Show baseline: Yes No

Amplitude Modulation

When 'Amplitude modulate' is checked Yes the sinewave image will be amplitude modulated (AM) with a co-generated sinewave at 100% level at a rate determined by the 'number of modulation cycles' entered in the box. (See note 4 below.)

Amplitude modulate:
Yes No
Enter number of modulation cycles (≠ 0):

[Image will appear here. Right click on image to copy or save.]

  • Sinewave images showing more than about 10 cycles begin to look less like what you would see on an analog oscilloscope and more like the digitally-generated images they are.

  • Weirdness (caused by aliasing) sets in above about 72 cycles.

  • Decimals OK; negative numbers OK.

  • For the best view of a classic AM envelope, set 'Number of cycles' to a relatively high value (like 50), set 'Number of modulation cycles' to a relatively low value (like 3), set 'Amplitude modulate' to Yes.

  • The generated traces are drawn one pixel "thick". If you want a thicker trace, copy the image to an image manipulation program such as Irfanview or Photoshop, blur the image, then apply gamma correction to remove the blur and bring the contrast back up. Click here to see an example.

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