Laser Beam Concentrator/Aiming Device

Glass Lens/Tin Can Version

The lens is surplus/salvage from a stage lighting device. The effective diameter is about 5" (12.5cm). The body of the concentrator is made of tin cans - coffee, beans and condensed milk.

Rear View

The cans are held together with epoxy. The reticle is located at the junction of the bean can and the condensed milk can.

With Lens Hood

The lens and hood are held in place with RTV silicone.

View of the Reticle During Installation

The 'legs' were then soldered to the can.

Photosensor Installed in the Reticle

Photos of the long-range version of the laser beam concentrator in action can be seen here.
More information about this device can be found here.

Warning: This device is meant to be used with a visible class-IIIa (<5 mW) laser at a distance.
Do not look at any higher-powered laser with this device!
Do not view any laser through this device at a distance less than 1/4 mile (400m)!

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