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PSP Laying Crew - 1967

?, Max Carter,
Jim Johnson, Randy Koster, Alan Luckey, Randy Pousson


Hope that thing's not loaded..

Hope that thing's not loaded..

Capt. William D. McClintock (left)
Lt. David Trinkhaus
Sgt. Michael J. Wenglar (in door)

John Balsillie 1968-1971

Bob Brown in the background.


John's page





Carl Johnson




Reichl and Smith

Some radar and radio folks

Atkinson, Smith, Wenglar, Guidry, Shaver?

What are these guys so happy about?

Huff, Lariviere, Carter

This maybe?


Gas Turbine Generators

Early 1970s

This group from Bill Morgon (around 1970):

Det 21 - 1970

TSC-15 Deployed

Can the Russians see this?

Tom Conroy

Radar and Don Shaver?

Ground Power

The MB15 diesel generator (left of the ladder) came painted bright "flight-line yellow".
The color was quickly changed to OD green to match the decor.
A 60/400 Hz frequency converter was located behind the MB15.

niner niner seven

Captain Rizzo

Valerie and John Brechue

Fred Schimpf

Dennis Lariviere

Ed Atkinson and wife (her name?) - '69

Three photos from Bill Rizzo:

"Here are some pics I found of our change-of-command formation in 1969, when I took over for Jerry Hans.
The first pic shows Jerry, myself, and Steve Lizinski inspecting the troops."

(I think I see Pousson, Guidry and Reichl. - Max)

"The next pic shows Dave Trinkhaus reading the orders, with Dave McClintock and SSGT ? (can't remember)."

"And last, more review of the the troops. I think that's Fred Schimpf up front."

(Lariviere on the right?)

More from Bill

"I was with Det 1 from 1967 - 1970. Found these while cleaning the attic. Three pics of winter deployment, and two of the softball/beer team."

↑   Reichl (left), Spain (w/pipe), Reed (third from right), Mouton (second from right)   ↑

↑   ?, Rizzo, ?, Spain, ?, Powers, Bittner, Hogan, Ventura   ↑

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Buzzard and USAFE patch images courtesy John Balsillie.

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