"You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats.."

two cats


July 14, 2024


What's On Here
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200-Watt Class-E AM Transmitter

35-Watt Tube-type AM Transmitter

1710 kHz Transmitting Antenna

14-watt FM Stereo Broadcast

Cat Radio

An AM Transmitter
Modification and Construction Project

Shortwave Spark Transmitter

Twist-Shift Keying for VHF

Transmitting Antennas and Ground Systems
for 1750 Meters

Laser Shotgun/Rifle

Laser Beam Concentrator

Sewer-Pipe LED Projector

Laser Pointer Audio Modulator

Laser Pointer DX Experiments

Photo Listener

Motorola SyntorX
2-meter Conversion and Tune-up Info
(John West)

ITT 6-Button Key Set Conversion

Photo Relay

WWVB-Based Precision Frequency Comparator

Ultra Precise Voltage Reference

Communicate with the PICAXE

PC Communicates with the PICAXE
and the INTERNET

Dead-Man Alert System

PICAXE Outside Temperature/Server Project

High-Voltage LED Power Supply

Shunt LED Flasher

Long-Range Wireless Gate Annunciator

PIR Motion Sensor Rebuild Project

HB100 Microwave Motion Sensor

Solar Battery Charger

Beep/Siren Power Amplifier

Pendulum Driver

Fused Quartz Pendulum

Pendulum Phase Comparator

Phase Meter Computer Interface

Electronic Attic Fan Thermostat

1733 Anemometer Interface

GPS Disciplined Oscillator Drives Electro-Mechanical (Analog) Clock



Tegan's cat

LED-Illuminated Star

Rules to Live By


Det 1/21, 601 TCS

Heating Cost Calculator

Ride on the Cumbres and Toltec

Wheatland, Wyoming
24-Hour Temperature Record

Mortgage Amortization Calculator

Credit Card Payoff Calculator
How long will it take to pay off your credit card?

An Old Relay Station

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How to Make Friends with Strange Cats

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